Pepe la Pew is dead

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OK...first off...srry, no pix.

My pic program on the puter is all screwed up...:(

Who know how long it will take me to figure this out.

So, as for the day....

Took pops out to a wash a friend and I hit but never finished.

Got a LOT of copper nuggets out of it and one small nug that I think is silver.

Some were the size of #9 bird shot. Some were really big!

No gold in far as I found. Did find a dead turtle in a wash.

Went back to a wash I did get some gold out of and decided to do some scraping/detecting/sucking up.

We dug it up high, middle,and low just to do some sampling.

After digging I was able to turn up a .5 grammer with the 5G.

We sucked all the areas up and labeled them.

After running them through the trommel tonight...

High....couple of flakes

Middle.. .6 grams...nice pieces! ( I could see them sticking in the head of the sluice on the trommel)

low...couple of flakes

I only sucked up 3/4 bucket out of the middle. (think this area needs some more attention!) :)

Welp........finally got the stinking skunk off me back! For this weekend anyway. :)

Hope to get some pics up in the future. Srry.

Tom H.

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Hey Tom & Pop

Sounds like you hit a layer of Flood Gold there.

Well done on gettin that stinker off ya back too



Im still learning but it seems to be this way (flood layers) in Az.

Studied the the dry creek some prior to digging and sucking today.

You kind of have to figure out how the water is going to flow when its ripping through the wash.

We are usually dry until we get a good rain about every 12 yrs or so.

Then it scrubs every thing up.

There are some creeks here that run about 8 months out of the year and then are dry.(snow melt from the higher country)

I dont dredge anymore so im just hitting the dry areas now.

Hope your doing good in the outback.

Tom H.

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