My day in pixs!!!

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To recap the prior post...

Got a lot of copper nugs and one that I think is silver out of a wash that a friend and I hit but never finished.

First pic is uncleaned, then I did a little muratic acid dip to clean them up.Interesting had some quartz on it.

Pixs of gold are some dinks I got. Was able to pick one with the 5G and I sucked up the rest.

Then there is one of the trommel cleanup and after I panned it out.

Man, if I could get that out of every 4 gallon bucket I would be happy.

Just shy of a gram. :) Good day out with pops! a pic of the turtle!

Poor guy just croaked in the middle of the wash and dried out.

I carried him back so he could sit around my dad house...for some reason??


Tom H.

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