Mesa Gold Show on Feb 11 and 12th, 2012

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I inform you all forums that GPAA Gold Treasure Show in Mesa. It will be at the Mesa Convention Center on February 11-12th~~291 N Center Street~~ Mesa AZ 85211~~ Phone 480-644-2178~~ Convention Hall. Don't forget! Please click below!

There will be good gold equipments, metal detectors and more! :)

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Just a note: The site you linked to says the show starts at 10 am -that not right.

This year the dudes running the show have changed it to start at 9 am.

See you all there - Chris

Hi Chris - Yes, you are right about this. Mesa Convention info was wrong to open at 10am. Its 9am from GPAA info. I will go there for setting up the booths and ask GPAA officers for double check. See you there.


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Wished we could go, but that's a bit far for us right now. Hope everyone has fun though. :D

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  • Admin

Hey Guys,

I won't be setting up this year, but I might be down there looking around as a lookie-loo! :) I enjoy just walking around seeing all the stuff along with BSing with the guys. You can't do much of that when you are running the booth.

Maybe I will cross paths with some of you down there at the show.

Chris Ralph, I will stop over at the booth if you're still at the ICMJ booth.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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