Added Nugget Finder Searchcoils to my Product Line

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Hello All,

Just wante to let everyone know that I'm now a Nugget Finder dealer. biggrin.gif I have a complete inventory of all the coils, included the new lightweight ones that have a solid coil cover on top. Nugget Finder coils have coils as large as a 25-inch Mono round and the new elliptical Patch Pro at 30x7. If you have questions about Nugget Finder searchcoils don't hesitate to give us a call or shoot us over an email at -

Here is some information on the new Nugget Finder Advantage Searchcoils -


We are excited to sell Nugget Finder's newest ADVANTAGE Coils! These are some of the best, high performance search coils on the market! All coils come equipped with a skid plate and are suitable for use with any Minelab GPX, GP, or SD Series metal detector. Below is some additional information about the Advantage Series:


- New Spec Litz Wire with modified shielding

- Improved sensitivity and signal response on small gold

- Improved stability particularly on the 4000 and 4500 models (EMI)


- Totally new design; even Stronger and more rigid than before.

- Super Strong Epoxy Reinforced Polyurethane bracket.

- All models are still fully bonded with potted winding's

WATER RESISTANT: Fully sealed design with O-Ring sealed cable. Water resistant to a depth of 2 feet.

WEIGHT: Even though the Advantage range has more wire and a stronger design, weight remains roughly the same as the previous models. This was achieved through innovative design not by cutting corners!

WARRANTY: Full 2 Year Warranty!!!

To order, please visit our website at:, or phone 623-362-1459.

NF-8EM = $240

NF-12EM = $320

NF-12RM = $375

NF-14EM = $359

NF-14EMS = $390

NF-14RM = $425

NF-16RM = $459

NF-17EM = $435

NF-18RM = $499

NF-20RM = $529

NF-24EM = $499

NF-25RM = $589

NF-30PP = $529


Rob Allison

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Man.... i would love to be swinging that 30" coil over my NV claim!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right now i would have to hang it on my shovel handle,,,,lolol,,, but, won't be long....

i really enjoyed swinging the 4500 out at the Decision Corner Day this weekend.--

Your claim looked strange with you not up there are you holding up???


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Cool Rob,

One shop spot, I've used the NF-17EM, on my GP3500 and I really liked it. I plan to get that Blitz coil, for the GPX5000. soon, Another satisfied customer :D Ed

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Hello Guys,

Thanks for the comments. Like all coils, some people have their favorites, whether that be Coiltek, Nugget Finder or Minelab. I now have them all in stock, so if anyone is looking they can contact me anytime. Wishing you all a bunch of luck out there.

Rob Allison

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