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Have any of you been reading of the law that just passed in Florida

essentially banning metal detecting? The Governor has not signed this bill, yet.

There is a huge outcry in Florida about this but it has not been mentioned on a national level.

Here is a portion of the law's wording should anyone think this is not serious.

Pat Clyne

8:37am Mar 1

Here is a portion of the Bill. Please read it carefully. It's one of the most hideous laws to prohibit private ownership in this country I have ever seen.

©Any person who offers for sale or exchange any object

106 with knowledge that it has previously been collected or

107 excavated in violation of any of the terms of ss. 267.11-267.14,

108 or who procures, counsels, solicits, or employs any other person

109 to violate any prohibition contained in ss. 267.11-267.14 or to

110 sell, purchase, exchange, transport, receive, or offer to sell,

111 purchase, or exchange any archaeological resource excavated or

112 removed from land owned or controlled by the state,

113 including state sovereignty submerged land, land owned by a

114 political subdivision as defined by s. 1.01(8), or land within

115 the boundaries of a designated state archaeological landmark or

116 landmark zone, except with the express consent of the division,

117 commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in

118 s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084, and any vehicle or

119 equipment of any person used in connection with the violation is

120 subject to forfeiture to the state if it is determined by any

121 court of law that such vehicle or equipment was involved in the

122 violation. All specimens, objects, and material collected or

123 excavated, together with all photographs and records relating to

124 such material, shall be forfeited to the state. The court may

125 also order the defendant to make restitution to the state for

126 the archaeological or commercial value and cost of restoration

127 and repair as defined in subsection (4).

128 (2)(a)The division may institute an administrative

129 proceeding to impose an administrative fine of not more than

130 $500 a day on any person or business organization that, without

131 written permission of the division, explores for, salvages, or

132 excavates treasure trove, artifacts, sunken or abandoned ships,

133 or other objects having historical or archaeological value

134 located upon land owned or controlled by the state

135 including state sovereignty

136 submerged land, or land owned by a political subdivision as

137 defined by s. 1.01(8)

Coming to a state near you soon if it goes into effect.

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not surprising, funny how those who destroyed the planet are the ones who are charged with protecting it. They done paved the earth making it grey, erasing natures worth with pesticides, GMO, radioactive fallout, hydrolic fracking, ect, Ect. But when some body digs a tiny hole, or wants to move a few yards of gravel in the middle of no-were for fun or to make a buck that's unacceptable and destructive to the "enviroment" Ultimately these guys want us herded in corners, one currency, one goverment, a new world order

Just cheak out "agenda 21" just one example of the shite roll'n down the pike.sorry for comin off like this, but this topic upsets me to no end

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So if i'm reading into this right, you have the right to bear arms but not a detector! :wacko:

To quote good old Abe "and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

Seems like there's trouble a brewin, what on earth could have brought on such stupid BS like this ??

Glue a side arm to the Tesoro i say and bugger the law..

Pete B)

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Its because we have self serving retards for politians over here in America

And...I will quote Abe.....

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Abraham Lincoln

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The law does not specifically ban metal detecting.

It has been formulated to stop a certain type of thievery taking place in the state

where people with graders and backhoe's come onto ancient sites and turn the place upside down in search of relics.

The real problem is that the law is so complex and so broad that, according to the people in Florida that I have been in touch with, one can easily make the interpretive jump to banning metal detecting and other less intrusive methods of treasure hunting.

In addition, thousands of people annually head to the east coast of Florida to try their luck on the beaches there looking for Spanish coins and other artifacts lost in 1715 when (I think it was), seven or eight ships in an armada heading back to Spain, were literally smashed onto the reefs there. The trickle down effect of banning something like metal detecting on the local economy is big - and of course - not thought of in the rush to put a law in place. There are othe effects that come into play as well and as usual lawmakers only see those

after the fact.

There are some well organized groups in Florida - a state that has a history of making absurd and unconstitutional laws regarding wreck salvage and treasure hunting - who are vocal and know the correct way to petition the State to get their concerns heard. It will be interesting to see if they hold sway.

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Its because we have self serving retards for politians over here in America

Hi Tom

Its not only the US that may be hamstrung with that problem, We currently have the worst government in Australia's political

history in force here, oh well, thank god we can go out bush and be free of all the mental clutter :)

Pete B)

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