Rob...Thank's for the Nuggetshooter's Bible!

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Just wanted to take a moment to thank Rob for shipping out the Nuggetshooter's Bible that I ordered so quickly. It is an amazing book from what I have read so far. In the past year I have bought three books on mining and prospecting; 1) Fists Full Of Gold by Chris Ralph, 2) The Nuggetshhoter's Bible by Jim Straight, and 3) Three Hours To Gold by Jim Straight. By far the best money I have ever spent on reading material. The wealth of knowledge that all three books, and their authors, presents is absolutely phenomenal, especially for those like myself who want to learn more about the Geological approach to prospecting.

So again, thanks Rob. And I would also like to thank Jim Straight and Chris Ralph for their past, present, and future contributions to this wonderful hobby. God Bless!


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Howdy Chris Coffee. Thanks for giving two of my books, The Nuggetshooter's Bible and Three Hours to Gold; along with Chris Ralphs book, Fists Full of Gold...all of us such a great plug.

I also thank Rob Allison who has supported my books over the many years. I now have been writing articles since the late 1970's. The ancestral "Bible"was to be published as "Follow the Drtwashers" in the "Silver & Gold" 1983 annual. But it was rejected as being too long. It was 3500 words... So I let it flow and it sure did over the years. .

Follow The Drywashers has now grown to be Vol. 3, 7th edition. Although it was last edited in March 2004 it has remained popular as a reference book. As just a few examples, you will find the first known reference regarding using a low conductive Jefferson Nickel as a test for a one ounce placer nugget. .Also the value of hunting in fix rather then tracking, And that Don Dykstra designed the first "DD" coil in 1973.

The "Bible" has many state maps of where to go. The term 'follow the drywashers' simply means just that... to use a metal detector to follow the drywashers who seeked concentrations of black sand (Magnetite) that are often associated with placer gold as found withing the metallogenic cordilleran areas in the northern hemisphere.

Also notice I mention many others in the book, as I learned from everyone. As a short list, you will find Rob mentioned several times (actually he was a contributer), also mentioned are Keith (Lunk), Willie Merrell, both Chris and Steve Gholson, David Johnson, Jim Kreigh, Russ Ford, Dave Varabiof, Edgar Heylmun, Andy Maslowski and many, many more....

However, my "flagship" book is ADVANCED Prospecting and Detecting for Hardrock Gold. With an expanded appendix on meterorites. It is printed on a full color laser printer. It has suddenly caught on, especially by those who are serious nugget hunters. Gem Books has bought a large order of it. Hopefully it will become more available through the dealers who carry books as well as prospecting supples... I believe Rob carries it in his store (this is being posted on his forum so I will mention he also carries AVANCED/Meterorites, (I also have a very good photo of Montana Bob Dansie on pg. 66 while we where hunting detecting in Northern Nevada, and another of Sandtrap Jerry Balcer on pg. 108.

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So dutch john, am I correct to assume your jim straight? If so great books, got the bible sitt'n right here, hasn't even seen the bookshelf sense I've owned it!

Let's go shoot'n if not your not up for hiking I'll carry you on my back:)

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Howdy Mr. Jay s...I really like your style... lol... The 7th edition is best read by going to Appendix

E, the numbered footnotes which refers to earlier text.... Actually it was intended to be an article

for the 1983 Silver & Gold annual, but it was over 1500 words, too long for the magazine.So like

topsy it grew and grew, thanks to the support of those that I mention by name in the book.Notice

the book is the first to mention many things now commonly mentioned by later writers and editors.

Notice *27g, page 292; I asked Rob Allison for help regarding the GP-Extreme as I did not feel

competent in using it. Thank You Rob for all you have done still are doing it for me; I really

appreciate all your help.

Regarding *29 on pg. 299... I will now add, it was Richard and Elizabeth Doherty, the first Minelab

USA distributors who back in 1987, put a copy of the first edition of "Follow the Drywashers" in the

wooden box with the now legendary GT-16000 Groundtracker. Richard was a most amazing detectorist.

He was one of the best, and a great friend to All...

THANKS... jim straight

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Hey Chris Coffee... just an off topic post: We are both members of Valley Prospectors.

Please be sure to read the last newsletter which should have reached your post office

box a day or so ago... You are mentioned on the last page.

Now back to "Replying to Rob..."

Hey Jim, thanks for looking out for me, my friend! I thought I had paid that membership renewal but found out that I had forgotten to renew that one, so the renewal was put in the mail today. Hope to see you out there sometime.

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Hey Jim Straight and Chris Ralph, I also have your books and they're a great source of information. Jim, I have your Advanced Prospecting and your Follow The Drywashers. Great books. However, I may have misplaced left your Advanced Prospecting at one of two Starbucks so I hope can find it somewhere. It was signed by you as well. If not, I'll just get another from Rob Allison. And Chris, I also have your Fists Full of Gold, read it cover to cover over the winter here in Nebraska. Another outstanding read.

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Howdy everyone... As many of you know Chris Ralphs book and my 7th edition are

"apples and oranges.".

My latest revision of ADVANCED/meteorites is the September, 2010 editiion... .

It is printed on a full colorXerographic printer.Quality paper and spiral bound.... very expensive...

Thanks for buying my books and bookets... jim straight

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  • Admin

Hey Guys & Jim,

Many have asked about Jim's Meteorite book, but I think they are talking about what Jim talked about in the prior post. In Jim's newest edition of the "Advanced Prospecting and Detecting for Hardrock Gold," there is a section about meteorites.

Years ago Jim Straight, Reg Sniff and I talked about writing a small book on meteorites, but never got around to do it.

I still sell a lot of products to guys/gals searching the known meteorite strewn fields around Arizona (Franconia, Gold Basin, Meteorite Crater, Hollbrook and more ...)

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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Howdy Everyone.. for those of you were were in the rainy areas, I hope you were keeping dry Also, Rob you are in my Thoughts regarding youre hand getting better fast. .

The latest ADVANCED... says in capital letter just above George Duffys photo on the front cover

.......................... "WITH AN EXPANDED APPENDIX ON METEORITES"

.......................It is Appendix A: More on Meteorites. From pg 86 to 117.

Rob.... I well remember "Back When" the three of us were involved in meteorites. Too bad we didn't follow through... But I really thank you for your experitise in adding you knowledge regarding the GP-Extreme om pgs. 292 and 293 in the 7th edition of the Nuggetshooter's Bible... Best to All... jim straight

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