Crumbs from the Golden Diaper

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Hey all:

Went out yesterday and did some detecting and Drywashing.

It was a really nice day out for it....

I was able to detect that one with the arrow pointing to it at about 3 inches with the 6" coiltek mono.

That small coil is VERY sensitive to the small stuff.

It wont even read on my gram scale. The total haul for yesterday was 0.6 grams. :0

I think we have pretty much beat that wash to death and are down to the crumbs.

Now, if we could just get some real heavy rain to scrub it all up again...

Got some nice pickers out of the cons from the drywasher.

It was a good day out and the Lord blessed up with some more yellow! :)

Tom H.

P.S. I found if you make the picture really big you feel you got some biggens! :P

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Good onya the 2 Toms :)

Sounds like your in the same situation as us WA scratchers, water water water, please lord some water :D

Just coming out of our 8th heatwave for this summer and boy i promise i wont whinge about the cold wet

weather this winter :spank::) :) :P

Pete B)

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