Lucky Streak! Is Bigger Better?

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Every detectorist has their day(s)! Just like any other sport we watch or favorite sport player, they will have and off day that may last a month or more. Vast part of February, I was plagued with skunks and dinks. It was common to hear me muttering to myself, why did I give up Stamp Collecting? I've mentioned your mental being and a few of the techniques I use to Turn the Worm in your favor in a couple of last weeks post. Here's a couple of new nuggets from this weekend and the Big 5 of the poke. The first one was in a sea of trash, as I was trying to escape it to get to more pleasant detecting spot. Between two obvious trash sounds was this other sound, deeper, yet real iffy to dig or not. Well, I was very pleased at over 15" that fat nugget popped out. I'm sure there is a small patch mixed in with hundreds of trash targets...some other day! The second one was from and old patch and again, next to a couple of dig holes and some big booming trash tagets. I heard this deep dull, wire wobble sound. I've dug enough of these sounds to say dig it out and to favor it provide to be golden with a nice quarter ouncer to the poke. So, just as in Baseball, do I swing or not at this pitch? Or the Hunter, do I have this shot or not? Swing away and pull that trigger, dig that iffy sounding target you may dig up a fat worm or two! Until our next hunt!


This picture is weight is in Grams, the other two photo's are in Pennyweight!




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Very nice poke there, Lucky. Now I know where you get your I hope I have some nuggies like that to show off someday soon.

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Nice Gold Rick, I like the one's you can just put in your pocket :D

Take care,


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Holy Cow!

Your on it! Glad to see you ended the skunk

this way. :)

Keep swinging and making us drool. :)

Tom H.

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Uncle Ron,

All my gold is always for sale. Hope your working on a fat poke, I just spend a ton on a new home heater & A/C units. This bad weather is keeping me out of the patches to make the difference up so I can drink some proper Take care and if your heading up this way to visit your family, do stop for a hunt or two.


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I have often wondered the same thing, maybe my furtive cries of "why did I give up stamp collecting" must have crossed over the Sierras from the Nevada country...

With every photo of yours I scrolled to view today, each image got a DANG, then another DANG, then another DANG, and damm that guys LUCKY!

You wear the handle well, and you have earned it...

Keep 'em coming!


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