It's snowing near the border......

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Good luck to you up there Kelly:

Make a snow angel for me :)

Tom H.

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Yikes, AzO - sorry to hear that! :( Was hopin to spend more time with you guys before headin out; maybe next time.

Allen, I'm renting a place in Columbia Falls so will be exploring this part of the state this year.

We didn't meet last summer cuz I was focusing on the south but, now that we're neighbors, we can hook up. :)

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Thanks, Glenn.

I drove 12 miles North of Columbia Falls today - gonna be awhile before all that snow melts.

I saw a truck with snowplow in distant turnout and I turned around.

Couple minutes later truck was on my butt for miles, then passed.

It was BORDER PATROL! :lol:

Woulda snapped a photo but he pulled away.

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If you are looking for something to do on the 14th of April at 1:00 there will be a club meeting in Col Falls on main Nuculis St. As you go N. on main it is the blue?? building on the right, big glass windows just past the grocery store. North West Montana Gold Prospectors. I should be there.

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