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Hello Hobby,

Hard to say if it's better, but the GPX-4000 does have more features than the GP3500. There are guys that swear by the modded GP3500. The GPX-4000 has more timings and adjustments that could help on certain ground conditions and different types of gold.

Both units are great detectors!

Rob Allison

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I like mine. Last week I was detecting 150 feet from a power line using for the first time a new 14 x 9 Blitz coil. I was able to for the most part, tune out the noise from the power line and found a 2.6 grain flake (to small to call it a nugget) at 4-5 inches. And it wasn't a faint signal. I'm not sure you could have done that with a 3500. But I haven't tried the Blitz on a 3500.


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The GPX 4000, believe it or not is what I swing. My first Minelab was a GP Extreme. Now what i'm about to tell you in IMHO. I don't believe I've dug any deeper a target with either as the depth is the same. As far as what Rob is saying above the GPX models run very smooth compaired to the GP Models. Get it you'll enjoy the added features of the GPX Model's.


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