Trash and Treasure for today

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Hey all:

Welp, went out today to scope out some new washes in a new area. Mainly wanted to take the quad out and run around on it.

Got into a wash that got pretty rugged so I had to park the quad and walk.

Detected about 5 bullets and then saw a small trib that ran into the main wash.

Right at the mouth of it....bang...nice sweet sound....ok...bullet shrapnal.. NOT!

It was the big one in the pic. Found the medium one just a hair up from it. Im thinking.....this is going to be a goooooooood wash. only gave up one more. That little flat one about 50yrd upstream. Go figure 1.5 grams total on the gold. Im happy :)

Big ones down low and small light ones higher upstream. I'll never figure out how gold gets distributed here in Az.

The big ones were in a fast part of the mouth and the small one was up high. I put my yellow spoon where I found the small one.

Guess the moral of the story is........swing everywhere!

Also found a nice collection of lead today. Found a big steel jacket bullet...someone must have straffed the area or something.

Good day out, fun on the quad and the Lord blessed me with some gold!

Its geeting warmer out there!!!! Drink lots of water.


Tom H.

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Good going on the nuggets Tom. That's not too bad a ratio of trash to nuggets.

I sure wish I had the time to get down to AZ for some hunting. My wife is headed to Tuscon for a baby shower next month. I tried to talk her into taking me and the kids. She knows better and said yes, but you can't bring your metal detector. :( If only I had been into prospecting when I attended the UofA in the early 90's...

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