Fisher Gold Bug 2 mini gold

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Went out today detecting over areas I have been over countless times with other detectors eg GMT,Exterra70, Minelab XT18000 and GP3500. to see if the Gold bug 2 could find a few tiny bits I had missed. Today I played with different settings, concentrating on regular ground balancing and different threshold settings. I found if I ran the threshold slightly louder it highlighted weaker signals. It also increased ground noise but good signals were obvious. Well the machine didnt let me down whilst the gold I found was only tiny it still gives me a buzz to find. The total weight is less than 0.1 grms for twelve pieces it amazes me just how loud the signal was from these tiny pieces and at a depth of about three inches. The coin is a 1877 English Queen Victoria Threepence that I had found in the area some time ago. seeya Neilo


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Nice picks Neilo, glad to see the GB2 + 6" is still producing for you. I to have tried different detectors on small gold, I have most gold detectors on the wall in the store so most test are air test, but the condition is the same for all and still the GB2 + 6" can't be equaled. Have tried the GB Pro, GMT & LST in the field. GBP came the closest.

Keep it up and thanks for sharing


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The GB2+6 sets itself apart from other VLFs with it's 71KHz. It will find tiny specks of gold that I would commonly toss back in the creek from a bad run dredging...wish I had those pans back at today's


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Hey Neilo

Glad to see the old haunt is still givin ya gold mate, no doubting ya, your deadly on that GB2;

Hey, my boy was up there last week, on the ridge between German & National, scored a nice

little 1.4grm in them flattened river wash piles near that freaky bunker with the tin on top,

you should take the GB up n have a go there, i'm sure you will do ok mate.

Good luck Neilo n thanks for sharing mate.

Pete in WA

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Good Job Nelio:

Thats some pretty small stuff.

But, its kind of the thrill of the hunt that makes it exciting. :)

Specially when some yellow turns up in the spoon.

Tom H.

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Hi Pete yes its still my favourite haunt, the boy did well to find a piece that size up there they are rare nowadays. I think I know where you mean. Saw a guy up there swinging a 5000 with standard coil, he was digging in the Dam where everybody has set up sluices in the past, its full of crap bottle tops, tins etc. He had just bought the machine first time out, never detected before, he was digging a huge hole with a tiny little prospectors pick getting frustrated, trying to find a target. I thought I might be able to give him a few tips and help him out a bit I tried to talk to him but he wasnt that friendly so I left him to it. Now that the weather is cooling off I will start heading back up there more regularly , I still havent tried the GB at Jupiter yet. I have found gold using the GMT there in the past so I should be all right with the GB might be a bit noisy but will give it a go. seeya Neilo

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Hahahaha some people know it all i spose Neilo, never mind, more gold to you ay. :)

Jupiter, try the slope just up from the little bridge in whites gully, or bottom of peg leg gully just over the fence on the same track

that takes ya there, that dozed track direct in front has some good small bits in it...


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