WOH BABY! Minelab CTX3030 On Sale May 28th !

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While this is a COIN and TREASURE MACHINE, it gives you an idea why Minelab deserves the title:

"World's Best Metal Detecting Technologies" See the Video!

The ultimate TREASURE detector is coming soon!

Find out more on May 11th... On sale May 28th.




Wireless Audio


FeCo Discrimination


GPS Locating


PC Mapping


Full Colour Display

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Well there you go! They listened! Remember something, at the time this is being released Minelab probably has the next three machines covering the next 6 to 10 years being designed right now,

So while we are all still singing the praises of the GPX5000, they probably already have the GPX7500 out in a deserted gold field somewhere being tested by someone. They are probably sourcing the electronic parts for the GPX8000, and pricing the build costs. And the GPX10000 is a concept that is being worked on with CAD programs and electronic diagrams. And you won't even be able to see a picture of that GPX10000 or hold one for another 10 years.

So back three machines ago when you said you would like a GPS in a machine, that probably went on the wish list.

I can tell you that during our annual dealer meetings we are required to sign a confidentiality agreement and then we are shown what is coming in the future. I can't even hint at what's on the horizon, but I can tell you that Minelab owners and would be Minelab owners have a very bright future ahead of them with electronic advancements no one in the industry will be able to touch.


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Since I'm not affiliated with any Minelab representatives, I could speculate on what maybe in store.

I've been reading up on some of Minelabs' latest patents to see if I could guess what this latest offering was before the countdown expired, and it's just as Doc says ground breaking.

This is just speculation, as Dr Candy weaves a fine web to ensure their I.P. is safe, so unraveling it can be misleading especially when he flips between time and frequency domains in the same paragraph, i.e. VLF, PI, and pulse-wave VLF.

How about a GPX with mono coil having iron discrimination to a very respectable depth.

This appears possible with a new hardware and software approach.

How about vastly improved magnetic soil handling.

Presently there many tonnes of nuggets at relatively shallow depths which are hiding just beneath the mineralisation blanket. This improved method will illuminate these ground signal impostors exposing their hidy-holes, this will effectively make many patches in highly magnetic areas productive again.

It will be surprising to see just how many nuggets have been missed because the interrogating magnetic field of your Minelab has produced a response from the nugget which is identical to that of the surrounding soil matrix.

I hope we eventually see a Sniper PI, aka waterproof light-weight GPX, with of course the many new features of the CTX-3030



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Dr. Bruce Candy is the Stephen Hawking of metal detecting technology. From casual conversations I have had with people that know him, his ultimate goal is to develop a gold detector that ignores all mineralization, and hits on only one thing; GOLD.

I say the ultimate goal. Whether that goal can be achieved is another story. The technology could probably be developed, but at what price, and in what configuration. A metal detector that costs $250,000 and is as big a Suzuki Samurai, is not going to be useful for a hobby gold prospector.


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