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Hello All,

Well the Rattlesnakes are definately out now. This weekend I was scanning a target and reaching out moving rocks with my hand. As I reached out the second time to remove some rocks from a rock pile, I seen something that looked like a snake face and jumped back. Low and behold, it was a Rattlesnake looking right at me, hiding among the rock pile. The Rattlesnake didn't even buzz, just was sticking out it's tongue checking me out.

I ended up breaking off a large branch from a nearby tree and removed him from the area. It was a Black Tail Rattlesnake, which aren't very aggressive from what I seen. That being said, I wouldn't want to get bitten to find out.

Later that same day we seen another Pink Rattlesnake.

Here is the one I moved from the rock pile -

Be careful out there now, especially if you're wearing headphones all the way on.

Rob Allison

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Yep, they are thick this year for some reason ... I keep having to remind myself to only put one side of my Black Widows on because with them full on over both ears I have had several experiences with the snake being right by my foot at full buzz and I couldn't hear it ... I've been VERY lucky not to have gotten bit ... Like Doc says, BCOT! Cheers, Unc

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ya know Rob...

I would of got that snake to beat up that new coil of yours a bit...few teeth marks here and there then it would look like a Rob coil...

we just got back from the coast..youngest daughter got hitched...they have a creek next to the house in mountain city, TN...

i took about 2 table spoons of stuff from a root on the bank and found a little speck of gold...10 more around and nothing...

really had no time to hunt...we left there and went out to the coast of NC to stay with another daughter a few days...

on the way back stopped in a few places and picked of a few bags of NC mountain material..still going through it but got some gold...

so got some AZ gold, CA gold, NC gold and TN gold so far...44 states to go...have ex's in TX and FL so no gold there don't think... :P

anyway we'll probably hook up with you in the fall now sometime...we'll buy ya breakfast... :) you and the honey stay safe, Silly

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Hi Robb - yup be careful out there! A few weeks ago I was walking my dogs out in a field in CO., my shepard just missed getting struck by a rattlesnake. I saw the snake strike just as the dog jumped sideways, I think the dog surprised the snake and was a little bit faster. Your both a Lucky dog!

Stay safe & watch your back - Frosty

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