Skunk #2 out of the way...........

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Yup.........another one. Oh well. Theres always next time.

Went to a wash that parelleled another wash that gave up some really good gold to dad and I in the past.

Hiked in about a 1/4 mile to get to it and when I saw was rocks all over. Banded iron, purply/grey. Just ugly.

Mental note............pack a DD coil in next time!

Well I went for it. Worked 3/4 mile up to the head and let me tell you, it was pain in the ars.

Got two pieces of bullet schapnal.

With the way the 5000 was talking to me I figured I would have to get over a 1 oz slug to hear anything!

What the heck. Thats the way it goes.

Finished out the day in a wash dad and I DID get some yellow out of.

Yup..........I missed some targets sure enough. Not yellow...kind of grey/bullet types.

About 1:00 I said this is enough. Im dripping wet and all I can think about is the A/C at home. Wheres my little YOTO....

Weatherman said it was only suppose to be 90 today??? It felt like about 190!

Good day out and I dont have to think about that wash anymore. :)

Tom H.

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Tom, I'm not totally familiar with the 5000, but do you have a mode where you can access a "signal" control ??

If you can adjust the signal setting, ( on my 3500 I can) I usually run flat out but when in a congested area of hotrocks I back off on the control fromm full throttle to 3/4 and sometimes back it down to 1/2. Try It it may help you there. I have found some great targets in these areas.

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Tks sir.

Im thinking on the 5g that it may be the stabilizer. It can chop the peaks on a signal.

Dont know if this is what your talking about ?

Hopefully some more experienced 5g guys will chime in.

It was a really good looking area. Iron dikes, Quarts viens, lots of schist, lots of "impact zones" and faults where all kinds of different rocks smashed together. The dang hot rocks just beat me up! Would get a nice sweet sound and dig a foot to find a hot rock. I was balencing about every 5 feet with the way the bedrock changed. Even turned the gain down to 10. in fine gold and fixed. I have to think all summer long how I should have tuned the 5g and go back up.

Tks again and look foward to seeing you at one of the outing again.

Tom H.

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Hi Tom

Dont ya just hate that BIF (Banded ironstone formation) over here we have a fair bit of it also, and one trick

i use to tame it down a fair bit on the 5k is to switch into "Custom" on the front panel, then select "High Mineral"

in the rear screen.

Another method is to use "specific GB" in the ground balance rear screen settings.

When doing your actual detector ground balancing make sure a chunk of the BIF is

under the coil as well as the normal country dirt.

Pete B)

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Tks Pete!

This is some good info to put in the log book and try out.

Tom H.

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