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Just wanted to say Hello and I miss you all,,,,,,over in Pueblo watching the world is bad up in the Springs area...

I am out of here on the 15th of September and maybe I'll get to sneak down to AZ and roust out BB, SiverDog, Outback and all the rest to hunt a little,, I am jonesing bad---been too hot here to do much...

I miss you ! Everyone who is after it, good on ya! you too over there in WA pete...

Heck i would even take a GB meteorite right now,,,,

or a 1.75 oz like Rob posted up,,,,yes!!!!!

All you men over in the Motherlode area,,,keep after it.....


God bless you all!

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Hey Prickly good to hear from you!

So are you going to take a break from the bedpans for awhile? We'll be here in the cool Gila highlands until October if you would like to visit.

BB might be crazy enough to hunt with you in September heat but I heard he's been hanging out underwater these days. Not a bad choice actually. I hope he's getting some good gold.

Talked to sMel the other day, he might be out here soon. I guess he was hanging out with the movie stars earlier this summer.

Ruby says Hey!

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Hey it has got to be cooler in i have ben gone too long....look it is 106 here now, so AZ aint that bad...

I think BB came up for air.....we will see.... I look forward to seeing you two and all the gang...Septemberish...

Yeah, Mel may have come out of the closet on

Hellooooooo Ruby!!!!

Where are the Gila Highlands BTW? Down in the fire again?

It is burning bad up at the Springs,,,200-300 homes i hear...

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Wimpy Colorado fires! The Waldo is up to what... 26 square miles?

The Whitewater Baldy here has burned 465 square miles - 298,000 acres. Add that to the 88,000 acres that burned here last year and you've got more than 600 square miles of toasty critters. Pretty much the entire Gila Wilderness except our little valley and the surrounding mountains. It's lush and green here. Look where the forks of the Gila rivers join north of Silver City.

We've been lucky this year. With that 88,000 acre back burn from last year the fire came nowhere near us. We did get some pretty spectacular skies for a while though. As soon as this mess cools off we will be getting up into some of those canyons that have been so choked with brush you couldn't beep them. Open ground!

Ruby and I will be traveling this weekend but give us a call next week Prickles. We've got one of the Badger boys here with us this year - the one that digs. :)

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Well, Mel you were lurking!!!!!!

BTW, you werent' making fun of my Hamster Campster were you ????

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Hey Mel thought the bathroom didnt work? Ha ha! nothing like crashin at Mels after kickin the hills ass. As for the skeletons i think i may have left one or two up there my self!

Clay/Ruby, yes i am temporarily out of the wetsuit but not for long going for round 2 got some good gold and stories coming soon! And youre right i usually just wrap a towel around my head and hunt all day every summer sounds crazy but i get all da patches to myself!

Paul, the Hamster is still one of my favorite trailers i sure could use it on my adventures

miss you all and look forward to this winter!


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