Lost our Minds..lol

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Pops and I were checking out Deer Creek off of Italian Bar... Well we found it and the G.P.A.A. claim out there was...well.. Used.. Not much evidence of digging.. A couple of small pits.. Like Salad Bowl big.. lol.. Then we heard a heavy humming in the back of our minds.. We could hear it but couldn't figure out what it was.. Until I saw HUNDREDS upon HUNDREDS of yellow jackets chillin.. A couple of huge pines fell over so I tested the root balls and a little out of the small gravel bank.. Nuttin.. I didn't see any quartz either. So I figured if there is anything the area might have over 30 feet of overburden and organics.. Maybe.. So we left there and decided to take some back roads to Italian Bar.. Hit some side roads and made a horrible decision on a road I made a guess on.. Road was fine for the first 160 yards.. Then we were on the edge with no room to spare.. Couldn"t back up cause of the tightness of this road.. Decided to go with it.. Bad mistake. About half way down the canyon we were negotiating a spot that was pretty eroded by the previous winter. As I was standing at the bottom watching pop negotiate the trail a rock rolled and slid right into the side wall.. Boom.. Tire exploded on a road that had absolutely no room.. By the grace of god there was a spot where we could level the pathfinder and jack it.. After we jacked it we put the spare on and realized there was only 15 lbs of pressure.. Fine we have a air compressor.. But then... Of course that for some reason didnt work... It was dead.. I was so nervous about that spare.. Ended up running up and forward the canyon negotiating this weak assed spare tire over rocks and preventing roots hitting the side wall. Had visions of leavin my "older" father at the car if another tire went.I would have to walk and if I would't see anyone I'd be walkin at least 10 miles..We made it out and after running with my adrenaline pumping making sure this car bounces out of nowhere I ended up seeing the gravel "normal" road and almost puked.. lol.. Didn't get any prospecting done but I am glad I am in front of this computer rather than be packin up the mountain in the cooler night tryin to find some help...



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If thats loosing your mind....mine was gone a long time ago!

Try shearing the bendix gear off the starter on a 4x4 pick up with a automatic tranny.

You aint going nowhere! Except out on two feet for 6 miles.

After that little experience I always threw my dirt bike in the back of the truck.

You might think on getting some fix a flat cans and put them in the vehicle.

Also a plug kit for tires. I even carry lag bolts for the really big holes if I need them.

Tom H.

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