First detecting trip..

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Was camping at New Melones and decided on the last day to take the 49 to Foresthill.. Hit the river and there were people for days.. Cruised down the stream and went to a small runoff creek between the tailings on the cliff there.. Got some garbage.. A old square nail and some shot. Found a pocket that seemed hot so I dug it up and managed to fill a coffee can. Packed that in the backpack and continued.. Along one of the eroded tailing piles I hit a target in the wall about 4 feet up.. I thought it was definitely a target.. It was about a foot into the wall behind a bunch of cobbles.. When I first saw it........... A Coin!... I thought it would be an old silver liberty dime or somthing but then I grabbed it and realized it was a button..Like for the fly of a pair of jeans.. Worn to hell and I spit on it and it looks silver.. Looks like a ceramic button with a silver cap on it and embroidered with an ole steam train.. Well I was still stoked.. and that Coffee can was full of nice "fish food" gold flakes.

Good times


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Hey Ug:

Good deal. You got out and got a relic.

Im sure there has to be a web site somewhere that will identify the button.

If your getting garbage....your going to get gold if you get the coil over it.

Keep at it and enjoy. :)

Tom H.

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