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Hello Everybody,

Finally got back to Sick creek, this creek is the one my detecting buddy and I got sick as all could be after getting a few nuggets in the rain last time. Had a nice Easter hunt and scored a nugget and a picker. No egg size nuggets from the gold bunny this We did a split search and cleared some over burden, agreed on splitting the gold 50/50. My partner hit a loud signal and it turned out to be a nice 1.9 gram pc. The small .1 gram pc was found just across the stream from the nugget. The 1.9 gram pc was detected with a NF 8x6 on a GPX4500 and the .1 gram pc with a coiltek 10x5 Joey on a GP3000. Hope you all had a happy Easter, Jay

post-48829-0-19108500-1364799948_thumb.j post-48829-0-94651500-1364799918_thumb.j

post-48829-0-87598500-1364799906_thumb.j post-48829-0-65658000-1364799966_thumb.j

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Very nice gravel,

Love that purdy california gold.

I tried some creek detectin this weekend also.

Dug about 20 small bits of iron in about 10 feet of creek bank.

Had to give it up after my pooch hurt her paw.

Another skunker.

Think Ill wait till the water recedes to go back.

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Sorry to hear about your dog getting hurt, that sucks, I hope the paw heals up quick.

That is a lot of targets for only 10 feet of bank. I feel you on hitting lots of trash as that is usually what happens to me too.

Border Boy,

I sure hope it gets easier. I am looking forward to hitting the ounce club soon with detected gold. Keep hitting that good rough gold and posting pics, I love seeing that rough AZ gold. Keeps me inspired to search for new patches.

Thanks for the kind comments guys!!

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