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Hi everyone,

I hope you are all out there cashing in today!!!!

Show me the YELLER !!!!


My questions:

  1. Are there any coils other than the stock coils that will work on the GB2?
  2. Does anyone have a used or new---- small GB2 coil for sale?

Remind me never to sell any of my equipment anymore!!!!! :spank:

(I was thinking specifically about the little round 5" the original GB used.????)

but i am open to hear about any that match up.



Oh yeah, Anyone have a used 3-4 inch dredge in AK for sale???

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There are have only ever been three coils for the Gold Bug 2 made specifically by Fisher for it. Old original Gold Bug coils will not work. The 6.5" is a "must-have" and rarely gets taken off my GB2.

That little round Gold Bug coil you mention is actually just a hair under 4" diameter. I still have one I hang onto just in case I ever find a Gold Bug cheap.

Used gear is rare as hens teeth in Alaska in the spring. Fall when everyone is going home broke is the time to shop!

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i agree it would be too small for the claim over on the Southfork.....

i am looking for a smaller one for Crow Creek that i can handle by myself every weekend....

i am kind of leery going to our claim alone... because i am a greenhorn.. dont want to get in trouble on the river by myself

i have never used a dredge so i should probably take it slow ...maybe watch a few guys at Crow Creek.....

i could always highbank there until i get a better grip on the nuances of dredging...

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if i buy the 6.5 new should i go ahead and send my control head and coil in to fisher and let them calibrate them? I did that once before on the bug i sold.. :(

And Steve... are you saying the small 4 inch coil was made specifically for the GB2?

i tried the bigger coil once in gold basin looking for meterorites and that was the only time....

if you have time upload a link to a picture of that hockey puck coil..

I see, after further review, that the 3 coils for the GB2 are the 6.5, 10", and 14 inch --

so i am assuming that answers my question about the little 4 " hockey puck.----It goes with the Old original Gold Bug, right.

Thank you all for helping me get started up again..... :)

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Yeah, the little 4" round was for old original Gold Bug.

Tesoro coils on many models are part of the circuit, and so the detector is tuned to the coil. If you put a different coil on, you might check with Tesoro about the benefit of getting the coil and detector matched. Most everyone else makes coils that are tuned to the detector, so a Gold Bug 2 coil comes tuned to work on a Gold Bug 2. That is why only a Gold Bug 2 coil works! No need to "calibrate" the control box when switching coils.

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OK, that should do it for this thread.. thats what I needed to know.

Thanks Steve.....

and Lucky----- I will take your advice and go ahead and get a new one....

heck, 125 is way cheaper than those big boy coils cost ! :P


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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks for the coil Rob!!!!!!

You da man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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