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    Hello All, Was going through some of my pictures and found some of the first nuggets I found with my Minelab GPZ 7000. These three nuggets were found on one of the first couple of hunts with the new detector. I picked a handful of old nugget patches that were hammered, but also had potential for some deeper nuggets. I remember the first month or so since I was learning the detector, I was hunting in High Yield-Difficult. This particular patch was hunted pretty hard with the GPX series with coils up to around 14-inch round and 17-inch elliptical. The three nuggets found were faint, but missed as they were right out in the open and between other older nugget digs. Total weight of the three nuggets was 9.5 Dwt's. The largest was 4.4 Dwt's in weight. I didn't pay for the detector the first day, week or month, but I added $500-600 towards the purchase of this expensive detector in a single day due to it's depth ability. I find the GPZ 7000 to be a bit less ergonomic then the GPX series for me, but it's hard to not use it due to it's ability to find very tiny and large gold at depth. Since I have owned the Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector (mid 2015 - current) I personally have found hundreds of nuggets ranging from just a grain in weight to the largest being a 6.8 ounce gold-quartz specimen in the Youtube video below. This piece was pushing 3 foot in depth and took my partner and I well over an hour double teaming with picks to get down through the hardpack to extract the piece. The response was just a faint signal with the 14x13" coil from the surface.
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    I wish I had some old pics of my past hunts. I was lucky though. I used my GP 3000 for the first six months and was blest with great ground to hunt. I found enough to pay cash for my 7000 in one day. Now I can't remember how to use the GP anymore. I just love my 7000. Nice pictures Rob. I love to see good from others and other areas. Still, a job well done! Cheers John
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    Hello All, In Central Arizona many of the known goldfields carry copper, silver and gold. It's not uncommon to find all three metals in one area or wash. I have on hundreds of occasions found copper and gold in the same wash. Many times you will find a zone, which can be a series of washes and tributaries that carry a combination of the metals. Like most of us, we would prefer more gold than the other two, but majority of the time it's a handful of copper nuggets to a few gold nuggets. In some areas you will also find Galena, or lead nuggets. Here is a shot of some copper and gold found in the same wash during a days hunt in Central Arizona with a metal detector.
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    Couldnt agree with you more Rob. Ive found a couple of 1 grammers in with about 50 copper nugs. The copper is a reverse signal...but you never know These are about 1" dia. I cleaned them in muratic acid and then sprayed them with clear laquer so they wouldnt go brown again. They have a cool structure to them when you clean them up. Tom H.