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  1. Phone number correction 209-383-5244 or Cell 209-631-3445 Thanks Jerry
  2. Our prayers are with you and your uncle. Jerry
  3. Dutch John hope this finds you well and moving about after hip replacement.. Maybr good enough to detect again. Jerry
  4. wish the best for you. Hope all goes well at the Doctor's. Jerry
  5. Grubstake said he allways wanted a Quad, but got a five way bypass instead. He is doing ok and his breathing tube has been taken out based on the message I got from his wife. Gary told me yesterday that he is thankful for the prayers offered. He is in ICU but that is normal. More news to follow as I recieve it. thanks Jerry
  6. Talked to Grubstake this afternoon. He will be having a four way bypass on Wednesday. He is still weak as his heart has considerable damage. Jerry
  7. Talked to Gary today and he will be having 3/4 way bypass surgery on Tuesday or Wednesday. He said he appreciates your prayers and kind thoughts. Jerry
  8. I just talked to Gary's wife for an update on his medical status. Gary is in recovery from an angioplasty procedure. The doctors say he has more heart damage from this attack. They plan on doing open heart surgery next week and said he will feel much better. Maybe they will cut out all those stents he has in his heart. He should be in the hospital for 10 days at least. Dorthy and Gary are very thankful for the prayers. Jerry
  9. I talked to Gary's wife a few minutes ago and found out that Gary is in the emergency room suffering from a heart attack. As you know he has had several in the past. He will be transported to Fresno as soon as possible. Please keep our brother prospector and his family in your prayers. I will post updates as soon as I receive them. thanks Jerry
  10. Thanks for the wishes. I enjoyed the day with my family and friends. My daughter made prime rib with baked potatoes and salad. Finished off with angel food cake and fresh strawberries. What more could one want. Jerry
  11. Happy almost over the hill birthay Gary. Wish you many more. Don't burn the house down with the candles. Jerry
  12. Beeping Pete When is the next chapter coming out. I can't wait for the next season. Will Pop run out of aduld undergarments and does he have alzheimers and not know the difference between new and used. Sounds like these are the kind of guys that find old tokens for the cathouse while metal detecting and then try to pass them for a freebe Saturday night. Let's see then next chapter. Jerry
  13. Jim wishing you and Gloria the best as I do know things are not going good with you. Hope your granddaughter can at least bring you out to enjoy the outing and visit a bit. We all truly enjoy your friendship and knowledge. I guess we will now call you "Detectorist Emeritus". As Gary would say "Gotcha". Jerry