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Hello everyone,

I think I screwed up and let my batteries sit too long with out the charge/discharge cycle. I recently read that the Li-ion batteries like to be used and for a while I only kept them charged without the discharge cycle. Now with a full charge one battery only lasts 45min., while the other one still lasts around 5hrs.

My question is. . . Is there a way to flash or shock that weaker battery to accept a better charge so it would last longer? They are both the original 7.4v 7800mAh batteries bought with the Coiltek Li-ion Regulated system.

Thanks . . .

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I am not familar with Ismael's site, if you could provide an address I will be sure to check it out. My wife told me she had some $$$ in her Amazon account so she ordered me one like I have, Bless her heart!!! Yeah, its comming from China and I wont see it until the end of the month LOL I read the site alot and am greatful for the seasoned pro's sharing their knowledge. I have recently been able to get back at it and have alot to learn. With that I have some questions

Do the newer 7000mAh batteries last longer? and Does using headphones pro-long battery life in the field? I tend to go out alone and haven't been using headphones just so I could hear my suroundings. But it has been a pain hiking up a canyon trying to find the source of a nice course chunk a friend had found only to run out of battery life. I think a request for Father's Day will be; more battery life!!! Take care. . . NvAuMiner/Doug

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  • Admin

Hey Doug,

Sorry I didn't see this post earlier. I'm not sure about giving life back to a dead battery, as most of the time it's a bad cell and the battery has to be replaced (no difference on a car battery). I'm sure if you wanted to tear it all apart, find the seperate batteries, you might be able to make the repair. That being said, you might have more than $45 invested in time and effort trying to make a repair that might not even work.

The new 7000mah batteries seem to last longer than the older 7800's. I'm using one of the new digital chargers for them, so I have heard from Doc this is a huge help. We well the new 7000mah batteries and new chargers if you decided at some point to replace anything.

It's hard to get away from the Pocket Rocket or Goldscreamer Power Pack. It's nice not having a power cord attached and the fact you can just drop the detector without unhooking everything.

Hope this helps a bit,

Rob Allison

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Hey Rob,

No problem and Thanks again.. Even with the new 'made in China' battery on the way, I will lend a hint to an early Fathers Day gift and see if it takes. I better add alittle extra for next Sunday too!!!

Take care... NvAuMiner/Doug

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Thanks for the info . . I will check it out, but I do get kinda leary about electricity & possible kabooms. If I do anything it will be at the end of a long extention cord. I do have a smart charger my son & I used with our RC stuff. I will check the instructions and see what it can do. Thanks again tho..

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You should always have a spare in your pack...two batteries are the minimum...these types batteries will go bad fairly quickly and without much warning. I love the new charger Rob is selling and it does seem to get more juice in the batteries very quickly...well done Doc and Rob!


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  • 4 weeks later...

Holiday call with fast service!!!

Thanks Rob for the return call on the Holiday and the fast shippment. I recevived the new charger and battery acouple of days ago. I have been real busy with family in town for my sons HS Graduation, but I plan to run down a battery down real soon.

What is the voltage range of a good topped off battery? I have been seeing 8.40 to 8.50 volts on the one that i have.

Thanks again. . . NvAuMiner / Doug

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