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Hey Hendo,

Un-like rifles (unless its a breakdown survival rifle) you have other options. I would go with your other options when transporting a detector on a scooter. I would break down the detector and carry it in a backpack. There are several specifically made for this. It would be more aerodynamic when riding at highway speed and/or offer better stability and balance when riding on the trail, also less of a chance of hanging up on any branches or brush. Two shoulder straps make it more comfortable than one plus extra room in the pack for supplies as well.

I always strap mine to a 4wheeler along with the kitchen sink. . . so no experience here dealing with a motorcycle, just my thoughts on how I would go about it.

Good luck, NvAuMiner

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I used to ride a honda 90...back in my vlf days up in Portola, California. I used a vlf back then and carried my camping gear, tent, etc and detector in a box a metal-bender made for me....a long-ish thinner box would work for a minelab pi. You would have to break it down to go far; but for very short trips some rifle carrier type mounts (on the top of the box) should work. I tried carrying my rifle on the handle bars but the travel was too hard on my 223 and would be similar for a detector.


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Im also going to be setting up a motorcycle for detecting. Its going to have saddle bags, small aluminum rack on the front, pick on the front....head on the handlebars and shaft going down the front fork tube so it doesnt poke me if for some reason I get up on the handlebars! As for the detector, its going to be broken down and in my backpack.

Main reason for this is if I have to bail off the bike, the detector comes with me :)

Ill absorb the punishment and save the detector :0

Tom H.

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Hey Hendo

thanks for the PM heads up.

I have been packing detectors on bikes for years and I dont recemend you strap it to the bike. pick or other accsessories are ok.

I tried it and it shakes the detector to much, they are solid state but the wires at the solder joint start to break down and wires break off. just like bending a wire back and forth it will eventully break off and really wreck your day. At first I strapped the detector to my bike and when I started having problems with my detector I opened it up to see If I could find the problem and noticed wires breaking off the board,sometimes just trying to reassemble it. just from vibration damage..I ended up re-soldering every wire joint. (same problem with quads.)

I finally started breaking the detector down (in half) at the center shaft joint and carried it in a back pack. worked great and only took a minute to reasssemble.

Quades are great but bikes have their advantages. trust me. but I think you already know that.

Hope this helps


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