GPX 5000 Bundle Changed, Must see

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Hello All,

We just recently updated our Minelab GPX 5000 Bundle Package. We are now running the "Summer Shocker" special that includes the following -

What's Included in your new Minelab GPX 5000 purchase?

Stock accessories with both GPX detectors:
11" Commander Round DD Coil with coil cover (11-inch Minelab Commander Round Mono & DD included with GPX 5000 only)
Lithium-Ion Battery with built in charger and signal enhancer
KOSS UR30 Headphones
Heavy Duty Power Cable
Bungee Cord
110V Main & 12V Car Chargers
Instruction Manual
Upper & Lower Shaft Assembly with Hardware
Padded Battery Belt & Harness
Full 3-Year Warranty

Limited Time Only - FREE "2013 Summer Shocker Bundle" package, valued at $1,700 includes -

FREE Coiltek Goldstalker 14-inch Elliptical Mono Searchcoil (value $400)

FREE Coiltek Goldstalker 6-inch Round Mono Searchcoil (value $195.00)

FREE Doc's Goldscreamer Power Pack System (value $469.00)

FREE Slimline External Speaker (value $49.95)

FREE Doc's Lower Fiberglass Shaft with hardware (value $29.95)

FREE VLF Detector Pinpointer (value $170.00)
FREE Unlimited Technical Support (Phone, Email, Forum & additional Field in needed)
FREE Arizona Field Training on Private Gold Claims with Rob Allison (value $300)
FREE FedEx Home Delivery or Ground Shipping with Full Insurance (lower 48 states only, value $75) Alaska & Hawaii will be subject to an additional $25 shipping surchare. (We use high quality boxes, shipping tape, packing and full insurance to you)

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Hello All,

I've already got people asking about this smoking deal, but they said there was no price listed ...... The price is still $5795.00 (normal MAP Price), but you get $1700 worth of coils and accessories included for free. Field instructions don't have to be taken at time of purchase either, you can schedule them months later, like when it cools off. :P

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