Makro gold kruzer hits the gold field

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I went out the other day to try out the new Makro Gold Kruzer in some field testing. I took it to an old patch that still has gold, mostly small stuff. But also has bad variable ground. A good place to test a new detector. 

The Gold kruzer is a higher frequency vlf that runs at 61khz only. It comes with 2 coils a 10 x5.5 concentric eliptical and a 7.5 x 4 eliptical dd. And really nice comfortable wireless headphones that are very easy to sync and stay synced. The gold kruzer is very well built like a tank and is lightweight. Unlike previous nok/mak brand coils that were a little hollow sounding when you bumped into rocks and such, these coils are thinner and solid. 

The Gold kruzer runs exceptionally smooth and quiet in this bad ground. It is a struggle to run gold monster on any auto mode or sensitivity no higher then manual 6. At this site. So it was quite shocking to see how quiet it was. I ran the sensitivity at 70-75 and even 80-85 at most of the area without any trouble. Other detectors blank out the threshold anywhere you swing it, but not Gold kruzer. It detects right thru without trouble. It does get good satisfactory depth on gold as does most newer vlfs. 

I was able to detect for a couple of hours and in that time i picked up a few pieces that Gold kruzer hit on well. 

Im looking forward to going back out again with Gold kruzer and trying some more areas. I will be also doing a video of undug targets with Makro Gold Kruzer, equinox and gold monster as Rob made us buy them all. Lol . I will also continue to have more post about Makro Gold Kruzer soon. 

All in all i would recommend Makro Gold Kruzer to anyone wanting a gold vlf that is very good at running smooth in bad ground and finding tiny to bigger gold easily. And is completely waterproof.  

Thanks and Good luck!



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Mike C

If you look around dealers have them now to sell. I’d ask Rob about two weeks ago if he was going to see them and he said yes. At that time he didn’t have any in stock and didn’t know the price. The ones who is selling them they have the price set at 749.00.

I want to thank Californiagold for the video .I just love that show and tell. It’s the next best thing if you can’t be there.


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If any of you would like to read a great review on the Gold Kruzer and a guy that done testing on it before it hit the market them take a look at Steve H. Forum.

Just look down until you see section on Makro and Nokta detectors. It’s a lot of good info can be found on both the coin and gold Kruzer.


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