New Minelab Equinox Finds, Comments and Pictures!

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Hello All,

   Here are just a few of my customer's finds, comments and pictures.  I will be adding more.  The Minelab Equinox series is amazing and I have never seen such a demand for a particular metal detector in the last 20 years.  


Hi Rob
The Equinox coil arrived today. Boy that was fast shipping. Since I bought my Equinox many months ago I have not been very impressed with it. But after putting on the small coil today and running it through my test garden the Equinox has really come alive and that coil seems separate extremely well in iron and is deep too. I am impressed with this coil and thoroughly satisfied with my purchase. Extremely pleased doing business with you.
Robert V.



First day out with new coil was great!  Took it to beach to hunt between erosion control boulders where larger coil wouldn't fit.  Settings Gold 1, sensitivity 18.  Along with usual beer caps and pull tabs, found a couple bucks in clad, fishing weight, small chain, silver toe ring and 14K and diamond ring.  Can't wait to get to Arizona and try it in the gold fields.
Thanks for your great service and prompt shipping.  Look forward to doing more business in the future.
John W.
Carlsbad, CA







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