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Hello All,

   Ronnie, owner of DetectorPro and Gold Diggers Metal Detecting is considering building these new Gray Ghost "Gold Series" headphones for the Minelab Gold Monster 1000.   As many know, the stock ML headphones are just mid line and the cord is way too short in my opinion.  I have about ripped it off several times as it's just too short and gets wrapped around the control box. 

These potentially new DetectorPro Gray Ghost's are great.  They fit like all the other DetectorPro headphones, have great audio and even have a longer cord to eliminate the snagging like the stock headphones.  I can see these being a great seller.

That all being said, are people willing to purchase a $100+ pair of headphones for their $799.00 detector???  This is the big question, as I'm sure Ronnie would want to manufacture at least 500+ headphones to make it worth while.  Since the standard plug is 1/4 inch for most detectors and this is only 1/8", they would be specific to just the Gold Monster and maybe Equinox series. 

I'm going to test them a few more times, but I have pretty much made up my mind that I would purchase a pair.  Bill "Nuggetshooter" Southern also has tried them out and really liked them. 

P.S.  You can contact Ronnie at DetectorPro or Gold Digger Metal Detecting to let him know your thoughts if you would like.  The more that contact him about their interest in a pair, they just might start to manufacture them.

Pictures below ....





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