New COILTEK GOLD EXTREME Searchcoil Now Available for SDC 2300

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Hello All,

    We have a shipment of the new Coiltek Gold Extreme Searchcoils for the SDC 2300 arriving any day now.  We have a pretty good pre-order list we need to fill, but expect to have extra of each size.  Please give us call ASAP if you're interested in one of these new coils.  I think they will really open up doors for all Minelab SDC 2300 users out there (better sensitivity, more depth, more coverage). 

The new Gold Extreme Series provides more choice with the Minelab SDC2300. The coils have been designed to complement the detector’s performance and enhance the experience of the prospector. These Litz-wound coils provide options for coverage, sensitivity and maneuverability. Taller operators will love the extended shaft!

Accessory Pack - $67 + S/H - Order Now here --->

Coiltek 10x5 Searchcoil - $295.00 - Free Shipping & Handling - Order Now here ----->

Coiltek 11" Round Searchcoil - $315.00 - Free Shipping & Handling - Order Now here ---->

Coiltek 14x9" Elliptical Searchcoil - $315.00 - Free Shipping & Handling 0rder Now here --->

Call us now at - 623.362.1459 - Limited Inventory

Searchcoil Mounting Video -





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