Southern California - San Bernardino County

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Well, I finally did it! I recently ordered a GPZ 7000 from Rob. I have been using the CTX 3030 for a few years and decided to try something new. I am looking for a club or a fellow prospector wanting to search for gold in San Bernardino County, California. Perhaps near Lake Arrowhead/Big Bear areas. Of course, I am also willing to travel. I reside in Long beach, CA but I also have a place in Lake Arrowhead (Blue Jay Canyon). 

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Hey Moksa58,

   Thanks for the purchase and welcome to the forums.  There are many prospectors on this forum from around the Southern California area, so hopefully they will chime in.   Let me know when you receive the unit and I will help you in the meantime how to set it up.  

I'm sure in no time, you will have some of those California gold nuggets under the GPZ's searchcoil.  


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First, THANK YOU for the 15% military discount for my services to this great nation! It means a lot to me  

I am truly looking forward to going out in nature and finding gold. I appreciate your assistance in helping me find fellow prospectors in the area.

I am also willing to travel abroad. 

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