GPX-5000 timing question

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I've been reading and it seems certain timings are better with a certain type of coil. i.e DD or Mono.

Mono is best with Fine, enhance and Sen Smooth. And DD coils are best with Normal to Relic.

My question is, Is their any legitimacy to this below picture?



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Hey Garik,

   In my opinion, the area and ground mineralization plays the biggest factor.  The chart does give you a general base line of the timings and where they should work best.  I always tell my customers, use the chart to start with, but experimenting at some point will be best.  There are a lot of variables out there to say one timing is best for just a certain area.  

I have found deeper gold here in Arizona in Sensitive Extra vs. Fine Gold, but the chart would make you believe Fine gold timing is better for depth. 

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I see thanks. its interesting that they recommend a DD coil for normal to coin/relic. So im assuming using a Mono with the deeper timings would negate the depth advantage of the mono and be more less the same depth as a DD coil at that same timing. Did I word that right lol

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