Newbie question on Nugget Finder coils

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Those were the Super Lite models I believe😁, if I'm wrong someone will correct I'm sure.
They were plastic composition the earlier models were of a fiberglass composition and heavier.
I found ALOT of nugs etc. with my 16 SL and 3500.

AAAH  I just did a bit of reading and the newer coils evo etc. the SL is used to state "Spec Litz " wire .
I haven't bought a new coil in some time it pays to read up !
Rob will moost likely clarify this for you.




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Hey Bill and others,

   Good question, I'm not sure what exactly it means, but it does mean it has Litz wire.  I think it's just a model number, like XL, XLT or whatever when it comes to vehicles.  The Advantage NF coils have Litz wire and are stardard Mono's.  The new EVO's also have Litz wire, but have the new Flat Wind coil technology.  The EVO's are more sensitive and will get a bit more depth over the Advantage version, especially on GPX series.  

Hope this helps a bit,


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