Only for Good little Boys and Girls who have SD/GP/GPX

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WOW!  You must have been exceptionally good for Christmas because Santa really likes you.

I have been busy working with Santa to produce some new toys and accessories.  One of those accessories is a kick butt arm cuff cover for the SD/GP/GPX line of machines.  We have never had a truly comfortable or functional arm cuff cover for these machines.  The North Pole just finished a production run of thousands of Doc's NEW Nugget Stalker™ SD/GP/GPX arm cuff covers.   They are being loaded on Santa's sleigh as we speak.  However I bribed an elf to send me a small quantity of them by DHL. They literally arrived 4 hours ago.

They are fantastic!  If I don't say so myself.  They are padded and use high quality 3M Hook and loop throughout.  Instead of using the lame snap on straps that some of the SD GP GPX cuffs use.  We integrated the strap into the cuff.  The arm cuff cover attaches to the arm cuff of the detector with 3M hook and loop.  We supply you with the opposing self adhesive hook and loop to stick onto your steel arm cuff, and then position Doc's Nugget Stalker™ arm cuff cover onto the opposite hook and loop stitched inside the pockets of the cover and the bottom of the cuff for a non-slip secure fit.  In addition the strap is 2 inches wide, to give you a better feel of control.  The underside of the strap, that is against your arm, has been lined with the fuzzy side or the loop fabric.  This makes it soft and cushioned against your arm so the strap does not irritate your arm.

I think this will be a very popular accessory item.  I can't begin to imagine how many SD, GP and GPX machines are out there.  They all need this cover.  We can't have naked arm cuffs running around.

Only 3 of my top dealers will carry these cuffs.  Unfortunately, for right now, Rob, Chris Gholson and Bill Southern will each only be allocated 5 of these covers for a total of 15 covers, until Santa brings the thousands of covers that are on the sleigh.

The price will be $24.95 plus s&h.   First come first serve.

OH, and wait until you see the surprise I have for you next week.  Again, another package coming DHL from the North Pole workshop containing some first production run goodies.







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