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Hello all.  I am new to the forum. 


I have been metal detecting since the early 70's - mainly coinshooter & relic hunting.  I still use my Minelab XS and occasionally a Teknetics T2.  Since relocating from the Missouri Ozarks to Arizona a few years ago I have been increasingly interested nugget hunting.  I have seen several references to Jim Straight’s 8th Edition “Follow the Drywashwer” Nuggetshooter’s Bible.  Everywhere I've checked seems to be out of stock.  Does anyone know if there are plans for a reprinting?   

Would anyone have an extra copy they would part with?  Alternately, if anyone in the Phoenix NW Valley area would be so kind to let me borrow their copy for a short time I would be very grateful.  I have read so many glowing reports as to this indeed being the "Nuggetshooters Bible" that I am anxious to take a look at it.

Thanks everyone...


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Hey Mike,

   Jim was a long time friend of mine and I sold and distributed the 7th and 8th edition for years.  That being said, the publisher stopped printing the 8th edition several years ago, which was a huge upset.  The book has been the best selling detecting/mining book I have ever sold.  I have tried several times to get the publisher to re-print, but it's a dead end road. 

There has been a few copies floating around on Ebay for $100+ dollars due to the demand. 

I do still sell a few of Jim's books on my online store and Ebay.  "3 hours to Gold" and "Advanced Detecting...."  are two greats also!

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