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Hey Guys,

   Just a FYI, products are getting harder to keep in stock due to the Coronavirus.  Several manufactures mentioned they will not be able to ship certain products I ordered.  This might spread to all the manufactures if this crisis gets worse.  Just a FYI, we are doing our best to keep all products in stock, but if we are unable to replace inventory, it might get difficult for a bit to get certain metal detectors and accessories.  

Right now the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 is on backorder and they are slowly trickling in.  As of now I don't have a ETA when the next batch will arrive, so everyone is searching for them now.  There could be a shortage on the Equinox 800 really quickly also.  

If you order something from us and we don't have in stock, we will refund in full if needed, or ship the moment that product(s) arrive.  I would suggest you look through your inventory or your wish list and get orders in soon than later if you want them within the next couple of months.  

If for some reason I'm wrong about all this, then it's business as normal.  However, I think it's going to get worse before it gets better.  



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Hey Uncle Ron,

     Ya, right now I have a few used, good detectors, just haven't really listed them -

  • Used GPX 5000, comes with all stock accessories and stock 2 coils, plus Doc's Goldscreamer Power Pack system, Minelab 15x12 Mono Searchcoil, Coiltek 6" Round Mono Searchcoil.  I'm asking $3,000 shipped on this complete unit.  Customer traded back in for a GPZ 7000.  This unit works great and comes with a 30 day warranty from us.  
  • Used-Demo - Minelab X-Terra 705 Gold - Never been used, just display for trade shows.  Asking $400 shipped.  Normal sale price is $499.00

I have some more stuff.  Just need to get it listed.  I will also have another used GPX 5000 and potentially a SDC 2300 coming in.  

Take care,


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