Missing Prospector in Arizona - Please Read

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To all Roadrunner members:
We are forwarding this note along to all our members in hopes that someone may have seen Larry.
A picture of him is also attached,
------ Forwarded Message ------
From: "Lila Schwenk" <[email protected]>
Sent: 7/26/2020 1:27:16 PM
Subject: Member Larry Lerdahl
I and the Apache Junction and Prescott AZ police and sheriff's departments are searching for my brother, Larry Lerdahl. I and our other two siblings live in Wisconsin near Milwaukee.  I believe, and am desperately hoping, that Larry is a member of your club so you might give us more information about where he pans for gold. Maybe other members in the Prescott, AZ area might know him and/or his whereabouts. He's panned for years previously, but just got back to it last fall, I believe.
Larry was last heard of from me around the end of June, 2020. My siblings and I have left messages on his phone since then and he has not returned our calls. That's not like him at all! He's 79 years old and not in the best of health and out somewhere near Prescott, we believe, all alone.  He's very slim built, about 5'7" with receding hair line. He often wears t-shirts and hats with Christian messages on them.
If your members in the AZ area can you give me any information as to where Larry might go to pan for gold, or was last seen, it certainly would help to narrow down the search for him. He drives a white Kia SUV and uses it to live in while panning.
Thank You for any assistance you might be to us. You can either email me, call my home phone - 262-544-0798 or cell phone 414-861-6311.
Bless you for your efforts.
Lila Schwenk
Author of Penalties of the Truth
A biography of brother, Larry
Psalm 106:1 - Give thanks to the
Lord for He is good. His love
endures forever.

Larry Lerdahl.jpeg

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