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On 12/16/2020 at 2:35 PM, AZNuggetBob said:

Is that Az. gold?


Whoops sorry. I didnt see the other thread you had up until today. Beautiful gold.

I do have another question. Have you hunted this place in the past with other/older detectors.


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I’ll just say this. 

I’m a big Minelab fan as well.

When Minelab came out with the PI’s it was a real game changer. That’s why I asked you if you had used some other/older machines there.

When Minelab came out with their new PI’s I was swinging VLF’s and old single frequency BFO’s.

I got tired of waiting for erosion on the old patches 😂 and went out and got a Minelab P.I. 

The PI’s made the old patches new again. 

And then they developed MPS, DVT and SETA. etc.

Minelab seems to always stay one step ahead of the pack.

Best of luck to you on more great finds.


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Hey Bob,

    There are a handful of people I know, in the same era as you, that made that switch from a VLF to PI (SD 2000) at that time and cleaned house quickly on their old patches.  I got one of Floyd Allen's (Frugal Floyd Allen) first Minelab SD 2000's when they were released.  I still know what I paid for it, as I still have the invoice around here somewhere as a "keepsake."  The price for the SD 2000 here in the US, or what I paid was $3750.00.  I think it took every piggybank I owned, a couple of credit cards and a loan from my Aunt to make it happen.  I know it's not true, but $3750.00 back in the early 90's was like $20,000 today for a metal detector.  I really scratched, begged and pleaded to get one of the first units.  

Man, talk about a game changer and advanced technology!  I turned on the SD 2000 the first time in the field and I thought it was broke ..... It was do dead quite, I couldn't get it to make a noise as I was used to the noisy VLF's going off on every rock, ground and such.  I'm not going to discuss what I found with it, as I'm sure it's more than some, much less than others, but worth ever penny in my opinion.  

My biggest mistake was not getting on the first plan to Western Australia and staying a few years wondering the outback.  I know back then, guys were found Kilo's of gold nuggets per day.  

Minelab has been the leader for the last 20 years on detector technology.  


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I agree Rob, I do remember Frugal Floyd Allen was the only dealer at that time for Minelab that had the new 2000. here in the U.S, only about a dozen available. That's where I got my first 2000 PI. game changer for sure, I will say this. after I got my new 2000 I took it to some old patches I had beat hard with my favorite VLF, and out of all the old patches I took a lot more gold out and was a bit shocked that I had left that much gold.


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