Bye Bye 2020 - Hello New Year 2021

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Hello All,

   Just wanted to wish you a Happy 2021 New Year and say "Good Bye 2020."  A lot has happened in 2020 from the

  • Australia Bush Fires burned 47 million acres of land
  • Covid 19 Pandemic causing over 750,000 deaths to date
  • Tried to Impeach President Trump
  • Stock Market Crash, Dow's worst day ever in March
  • Black Lives Matter Protests over George Floyd Death
  • Murder Hornets arrive in the US, killing entire bee colonies within hours
  • Beirut Explosion killing at least 190 people and injuring thousands
  • West Coast USA wildfires from California to Washington
  • Ruth Bader Death, second Lady to be appointed to high court
  • Alex Trebek died, famous for "Jeopardy!" 
  • Congress passes a 2.3 Trillion dollar relief bill for Covid and maybe a $600 check .... 

Well much more happened throughout the year, but those were some of the high points.  Studies say that the World is at a all time high for Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Suicide and much more.  

Our Nation needs more Prayer.  Praying for a wonderful 2021 season for all and a few gold nuggets to boot.  


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