Whichever is required for a successful Gold Mining projects?

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ABI have all these necessary things are in hands as Funds, Machinery to work, A competent team to accurate management, They say it is only about 3 months will be taken until the Great Sleeping Giant project will be entirely operating in July 2021

They have adequate resources as senior gold mine and sleeping giant gold mine, They know that these developments have definite productivity within few years with the more productions coming ahead!

In starting of this March they get a loan of 6.5M$ so they can rapidly chase up for sleeping giant project!

Regarding the concerns as why share value is not raising that’s because peoples are nervous about M.Hinse age that he is becoming older and no doubt everyone want the security of his investment but no worries as M. Normand   son of M.Hinse is present as the deputy of M. Hinse , M. Normand have a working experience of 30 years in an international  organization as he is able to handle any issues if happens, He also listed his schedule to go to different places of ABI to check if all goes well!

So all looks alright as financially, administratively, security of investments that all will be leading the good value for shares which we will realize very soon!

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