New Nugget Finder Z Searchcoil Results for Minelab GPZ 7000

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Hello Everyone,
Well, if you own a Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector, I would highly suggest the new 12" Round Nugget Finder Z Searchcoil designed for the GPZ 7000. This new, lightweight coil will surely increase your small gold finds better than the stock 14x13 GPZ coil.
About 3 months ago I had the opportunity to originally test this coil before the release here in the US. My first day out I scored about a dozen smaller gold nuggets on patches I hit hard prior with the GPX series and GPZ 7000 with standard searchcoil.
I ended up letting a good friend take the coil off my hand at the time as he had many places to prove this new coil out on. Over the course of about a month or so, he rounded over nearly a 100 gold nuggets off old patches, well paying for the new investment - searchcoil.
I now received in a small batch of coil from Nugget Finder, most are already taken, but have just a few left in stock. That being said, I managed to get back out yesterday over a few patches and rounded up this gold nuggets. I'm super impressed with the lightweight and hyper-sensitivity to small gold and specimens.
Wishing you all successful nuggetshooting!


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