Had a Great time!

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Just got home. Windy trip for sure. Got TH in it's bed for awhile, will clean out tomorrow.
I now have to throw some excellent kudos out to the WSPA club and most especially Jeff, Denny (been way too long dude!) and Clark.  Spent the last 6 days at Gold Basin. WSPA did 2 pushes and had a coin shoot on Sunday. Saturday night there was the steak barbq. My brother and I were guests and couldn't have felt  more family! Gold was brought home.
They are more California and Nevada but looking into Arizona. Check them out. Couldn't find a better crew to hunt with!

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Hey Shep,

  Where were the pushes done on?  Any gold nugget(s) recovered from the pushes?  I know before up at the old 24K pushes, you would get a gallizion guys with various detectors and  the cross talk was crazy.  You almost had to hunt at night when most were asleep or super early in the morning .... LOL


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