Looking for tips and tricks (setting) for the GPX 4500 using the Sadie or 8x12 Evo

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I have a weird pattern going this year. Finding more gold with my eyes than my detector. I bend down to dig a junk target near bedrock and look over to see a small piece of gold the detector didn't hear and probably couldn't hear. 

The sunbaker is not the goal it's the .25-5 gram nuggets.

I have been swinging the 6x8 Sadie this year since the monsoon rains started down here in southern Arizona. Man that thing punches deep in wet ground just can't seem to get it over gold.

I think it hears smaller gold than the EVO, but who knows I have found far more +or - 1 gram plus with the EVO 8x12 using the GPX 4500 

It is crazy but the 4500 for me does not hear anything less than .35 unlike what I see on Youtube with the 5000 picking up .10 gold with the same coil.

I think I have some pretty serious experience detecting. Starting with the GB2 so I think I understand the sounds. I now have a Gold Monster with a collapsible shaft on my back pack to minimize the time it takes to recover a deep target. Some times the Gold Monster is best after the floods in the running creeks for getting the days gold. 

My pick has a good size rare earth magnet and shovel end to quickly remove the Ferrous trash. It is amazing how many targets I pick up in a single outing, but gold has not been the major one this year. 

Any tips and tricks on setting with the 4500 would be greatly appreciated. 

Any hep on GPX 4500 Setting with either the Sadie 6x8 or the Evo 8x12  would go a long way  

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Hey Fishing,

  What timing setting are you using?  For small gold, I found that "Sensitive/Extra" did best for me.  You should be able to find nuggets down to at least 3-5 grains on bedrock with that combo. Also keep in mind, the Minelab PI's (even the GPX series) prior to the 6000 don't do super well on crystalline nuggets, but if you had a solid or flat piece the same weight it would scream. 



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Thanks Rob

I should have included my setting in the post

Here are some details

I am running in Sensitive/Extra-Slow I have the have the stabilizer set at 4 or 5 and the RX Gain 10-12 depending on EMI

I tend to want to hear the buzz of the threshold while detecting. This may be a mistake. 

I have been able this year in some cases to tell the sound of Tin vs the sound of lead - But still don't hear truly what is described as the  Whoee/Wowee, Wowee/Whoee or High/Low Low/High I can some times hear that different sound from the trash when it is lead but not always. 

Should I be silencing the threshold? Different Stabilizer/Gain Setting? 

Again the advice is very much appreciated. Thank you

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