First Impressions - New Garrett Axiom Metal Detector

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Hey Guys,

   Due to my limited time, I haven't had much time on the new Garrett Axiom metal detector.  However, my first impression on the unit were pretty good.  

First, the new Garrett sells for MAP of $3995 or 15% discount for USA Active/Retired Vets.  I believe Garrett marketed this unit to fit perfectly into the budget of most gold prospectors and treasure hunters.  They also give you the option of two packages, one with wireless headphones and a 11" Mono and 13" DD, or wired headphones and a 11 DD and 13" Mono.  Many of my customers have been split on the packages, the ones that want more depth out of the box seem to take the larger Mono packages, while the ones that are looking for max sensitivity to small targets and nuggets go with the 11" Mono.  

Secondly, overall the unit is very light, lighter than any other gold hunting Pulse Induction metal detector including Minelab's GPX 6000.  I also believe Garrett built a bit better design, haven't seen issues with a shaft turning or wobbling as of yet, seems like a stronger design from other similar manufactures.  

Finally, on the Goldfields, the unit was very stable overall.  I used the 11" Mono the entire time the first trip out as I wanted to just get used to the performance of the unit before dabbling too much with the DD and Iron ID.  That being said, Garrett does offer the Iron ID on this unit, where most other PI's have done away with any type of iron discrimination (GPX 5000 and prior).  Many believe there is still a need or use for Iron ID in trashy locations, which I do tend to agree.  

The unit was simple to understand without even reading the Quick Start Manual.  I charged the Axiom the night prior, let it charge overnight and removed in the morning prior to the hunt.  I powered on the Axiom, adjusted the sensitivity, placed in Normal mode, Tone around 55, adjusted my threshold, used in Medium Tracking then did the EMI tune and started hunting.  The unit ran really smooth and stable, the only time it was a bit unstable, which happens with most detectors is when a airplane flew over.  This would last a minute or two, then calm down.  

Believe it or not, my first target in a very trashy area was a nice nugget (pictures will come).  I couldn't believe it, had to yell over to a friend and say, "Dude do you believe this?"  That being said, I spent the next hour or so digging through a bunch  of trash and didn't find another piece until later.  I only had a few small hotrocks respond, which could easily be ID's when seen.  

I ended the trip with 4 nuggets, two pretty nice ones and two smaller ones.  I also had a nice pouch full of iron rubbish, as I was not using the DD or Iron ID on the Axiom at the time.  This will be something else I need to experiment with, as I heard the Axiom does very well with the Iron ID mode.  

I was hoping for a bit more sensitivity to small targets, as I was running the "sensitivity" almost all the way, but realized later I wasn't in "Fine" mode, which I believe will increase the overall sensitivity to small gold even more than the "Normal' mode.  

Quick Conclusion - Garrett did a great job on this unit, it's priced right, performs well, very lightweight and will have other searchcoil options available.  The unit is super easy to use, almost a turn on and Go detector.  I know there are a ton of people going to ask, is it better than the GPX 6000, I'm not going to say that, but I think with the price, performance and a USA made detector, Garrett hit a "Home Run" here.  

P.S.  I don't claim to be an expert on this detector, I have had very limited time on it, but do have over 30 years detecting experience now, so I felt I could give a fair, quick field test on this new Garrett Axiom.  

May all your targets be Golden! 


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