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Hello All,

    Was able to get out the last day of 2023 to see what I could end the year with.  A partner and I discovered some coarse tailing piles that I believe have been overlooked for years.  There were no digs, scraps or anything in them.  One of the first targets was a nugget right on top for me.  This was a great way to start the day knowing there were a lot of piles to scan still.  Like all tailing piles, we both dug the typical iron rubbish, maybe a bullet fragment or two and some nuggets.  We didn't discover anything super larger, the biggest nugget was around 2 Dwts, most of them smaller in size.  

We both were using the Minelab GPZ 7000's, one with a stock 14x13" Searchcoil and I had the Nugget Finder 12" Z Search on mine. 

The weather was good and we scored some gold!

Here are the nuggets I scored on the final trip of 2023 - 5 Dwts total (Quarter ounce of gold).

P.S.  Sorry for the poor picture quality, this is what happens when you purchase a $1200 cell phone and drop it weeks after the purchase and break the camera lens .... :(



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