was going to gold basin but

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I had loaded my truck with camping gear gold guddy 35 gal of water and this

wheel /cylinder thing i made with 5 big rare earth magnets.Well i dropped it on the driveway picked up the pieces didn't want to get a flat tire with the screws 's wire anf stuff somehow managed to put one magnet in my backpocket next to my wallet

well guess what it stuck to it then i put everything away left the house went to get gas

gas card didn't work atm card didn't work young person at the station said no problem so i filled up $56.00 went inside she didn't know how to enter the card so i paid cash went home and let my kids laught at me again NEXT Outting I will Make :

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Hello Just-John,

Those are hard lessons learned. :( Trust me, when the Super Magnets first came out on the market for prospectors I must have wiped out a dozen credit and debit cards. I finally just stop carry my wallet with me. Nothing sucks more than not having an cash on hand and you're credit card is wiped out! :angry:

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Sounds a little reminiscent of my experience. I developed an oil leak bumping on those Gold Basin roads, camped alone lost Thursday and found my way to camp Friday with some help. I poured 9 quarts of oil in the engine as it drained out a quart an hour and somehow managed to get back (400 miles), engine burned up outside of a 24hr Wal-Mart not too far from home, had AAA tow me, now I have a better car that I'm making payments on, this one has four wheel drive. Would I change going to the outing, no, I enjoyed getting out of my winter rut too much. I would be more careful on some of those bumps though. Here's a pretty little song that kind of fits the circumstance, well somewhat but not really much, but a good excuse to post it anyway, not really implying that anyone is a fool:


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Boy, that is a rough tale you told.

However somehow I felt better at the end of it when you wound up

with a 4x4 (and payments I guess too).

Glad you were at least within striking distance of home.

And, if you had to catch fire,

can't think of a better place to do it than a Walmarts.

how's the teleport coming?

(I got to get the skunk back to Garimpo,

let's test it with him).

Good gold hunting song btw...

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