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Below is a post, I sent to Flakmagnet. There are alot of talk about coils out there. How come no one is updating their on-line catalogs? XP coils are on the market but not in catalogs, coils in the catalogs aren't available any more. Not much info out there on price of Commander coils?

If someone wanted a custom coil, such as a waterproof 16-18" ellip. DD w/ the coil wire existing the coil close to flush (90 degree fitting instead of straight out)and close the shaft mount, where would one go?, and how much would we be talking about?

David, I have a 14 and !7 "E", but both mono coil. W/O the Wallaby now, I have a Joey and 11" stock DD coil. Not too impressed w/ stocker.

You've been up in this country and know how brushy it can be. In the desert, one travels low and slow; here blow and go :ROFL: . I'll shove (or did :( ) a coil under a bush, wiggle and move on.

Personally, I don't like the way they exit the coil with a 3" flex fitting sticking straight up; why not a short 90 degree exit. I know why, that's not how one had to work the desert in the past, but it is now. I don't even like the location of the exit cord; why not closer to the shaft mount? The location of the XP switch is even worse! I'm having trouble finding the coil I want w/o going to the XP (with it'd exposed switch) or back to the wallaby (which has failed me). but I loved!

The commander coils- 15x12 DD, not bad, but not much info on them out there. I believe I would go w/ the 14" E DD if it was still available, but was told it wasn't.

Appreciate your input on the XP, may just paste this onto a couple of forums and see where it goes. Thanks Shep


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Hello Shep,

The only advice I can give is that you need to think about where you're going to use it and under what conditions. Ultimately everyone can tell you to choose one coil over another, but you make the final decision based on what you know about the coils.

You mentioned you were successful with the Coiltek Wallaby DD Pro in the past. However, you then mention you're not certain if you want one again? :(

If I think back over the years, I have found more than 3/4's of all the gold I have found with the Coiltek 14-inch Round Mono. I still wonder today why the hell I'm not using the coil again? :blink: You would think you would go back to something you used successful in the past, but then again people like to experiment. :unsure:

All I can say is that I wish you the best on your choice.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Appreciate your reply. Got an idea what I want, but no one makes it yet (see above). I have a selection of coils but when I'm in the desert, I have done the best w/ the NF14E mono and over here in the hills, I've done best w/ the wallaby. I like the E's :P and I like the size of the wallaby.

I've done Montana's tricks to help protect the plug end from excessive movement, tape the cable down so it don't get caught on branches; now I got to worry about bumping it wrong and losing the vacuum? BUT, it is one excellent coil! I got a little time left to decide????????????

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Hey Shep, looks like coiltek is going to be your only sorce for a big eilliptical DD, or Comander. For the no reply's on Bills and AZO it looks like they just quite making E DD coils. You should maybe give the BIG RED a try. Grubstake

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To my knowledge there is no Vacumb present inside any coil of any make.

The process used to form the coil is called Vacumb Forming and involves

using vacumb to form the plastic to the mold instead of pressing the

plastic or injecting it <filling>. The coil lead protection suggested by

Bob was to prevent moisture from entering the coil cavity and causing

problems with the coil. Coils "breathe", that is when they get warm

they expand and take in air thru openings, like the coil lead or cracks,

and when they cool the air is expelled. If humidity is high <dont know

what level> this can lead to an intake of moisture and give you a

funky coil. Same if you use it in the rain.

Bob's suggestion is good, you can also try unscrewing the lead restraint

and applying a little White or Red RTV to the orifice and screwing the

restaint back down. Mind the coil will attempt to breath still and gaps

may eventually form. As long at the coil is not cooked in the sun

it should stay sealed.

I agree that most sites are not maintaning thier catalogs for most of the

eqiupment available. I only speak for myself and I will say they have

ALL lost business from Me as a result. Maybe the motivation factor

will pick up. I understand that alot of these guys are very Busy, however

site maintence should be part of a quarterly review. Just my Opinion

and not a very qualified one at that.

If you have the bones to spend try an XP, its got some advantages even

though its not an E coil and it does some fun things with signals.



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Hello Guys,

One major advantage of the Minelab PI's is the fact you have so many "after-market" products to use to even increase the performance better than stock. With Minelab, Coiltek and Nuggetfinder making coils you can't go wrong.

I haven't personally tried a NF XP, but know they change the phase. I heard on deep targets the sound is just the opposite than normal coils. I'm sure there is some learning curve, or at least you have to get used to the new sound on deep targets.

I've heard the XP's are cranked up to what they say, but know it's the same as people saying the Coiltek DD Pro's aren't any better than normal DD's. I think both coils have advantages over the standard searchcoils that have been available for years.

I know I have personally found over a pound (12 ounces) with the Wallaby DD Pro, so I know it works well. Give the Coiltek DD Pro and NF XP a whirl ... ;)

Take care,

Rob Allison

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