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I got the headphones today, thank you, I know your busy, but you give great service anyway. Thanks for taking the time and Thank Dawnies for her part on getting stuff shipped out to! She's a great person, you better hold on to her!, Haven't met her, but she sounds like a sweetheart. Grubstake

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Hello Grubstake,

Thanks for the comments. Been pretty busy, but I still try to get all the products ordered out ASAP.

Dawn is great, without her I would be lost at times! She's always been supportive in what I do, even this gold prospecting stuff. :blink: I told her when we get a house she can do all the ordering and processing and I can go play. :o

I hope Shep gets the Coiltek coil today. It was shipped Wednesday and should be there today if there are no delays with the mail. Sometimes it takes an extra day to get up to you guys.

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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Yeh he said he would check the post offfice in the PM today, we are going to the patch tomarrow. He said if it did not come in, he would use a stoch 11 DD coil up there. Take care and thanks. Next week I have to give a guy by the name of Randy Nickles a lesson, he's already got a Platy. and a used 2200 he bought, when hesee the pocket rocket, he's going to want one I'm sure. Gary

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