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Hello All,

Summer is finally here and it's time to protector yourself against the Summer heat and Rattlesnakes. One of the greatest inventions is the new "Detector Protector Hat!" As funny as they may look, they give the best overall protection from the Sun. I sold a couple just recently to friends and they absolutely swear by them. When you sweat, or even wet them, it's like wearing a cooler around your heat. The wind blows through the material and cools your neck, face and head.

One size fits all (adjustable) and you can wear headphones right over the top of the hat. Soft lightweight t-shirt material with SPF 40. Protect your skin and neck from skin cancer. Here is a picture of the "Detector Protector Hat."


Your Price - $29.95 + $4.50 US Priority Shipping/Delivery Confirmation


We are moving into the hottest weather now out West and it's time for those nasty Rattlesnakes to be moving around. Last weekend I seen two killed on the Highway. Within no time they will be roaming the goldfields. I highly suggest the Snake Guardz if you're going to spend any time in the desert this Summer. I pretty much wear them year round to keep the cactus/vegitation and critters from getting me.

Below is some detailed information on the Snake Guardz that I carry.

Snake Guardz™ are manufactured with 1000 denier nylon or 600 denier polyester encasing polycarbonate inserts which stop the fangs of poisonous snakes. They protect to 18 inches high – just like snake boots. Snake Guardz™ weigh only 10 ounces and are impact tested to ASTM test method F-1342-05. They stop a 12 gauge shotgun blast at 20 yards. The gun used in this testing was a Remington Model 11-87, 12 gauge, 28 inch barrel, full choke and 3-1-8 lead shot loads. The fabrics have 1 ounce of urethane applied to the inside surface for water resistance. Snake Guardz™ secure to the leg of the wearer with two 1 inch polyester straps and polyurethane quick release buckles. They may be worn loosely around the leg allowing for air circulation between the leg and the guard. Snake Guardz™ have a unique patented toe cover which covers the laces of a boot or shoe and prevents the possibility of snake fangs becoming tangled in shoelaces when struck. Snake Guardz™ are cool, comfortable leg armor.

Your Price - $49.95 + $8 US Priority Shipping/Delivery Confirmation

Be Safe Out There,

Rob Allison

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Hello Flak,

I was going to send you a pink one, but thought Gray would fit your style! Heheh.. Just razzing you. Actually I kind of get what he sends. Sometimes I get the Brown trimmed ones and then Gray trimmed ones.

Thanks for all the business in the past Flak. ;) Your a special friend and loyal customer.

Rob Allison

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