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Hi Jonathan: How are things going in Aussie Land?--Hope you and the Mrs are healthy and happy--

Hello Hammer, thanks for asking about us :) . Things are pretty hectic at the moment, as most readers of this forum know I was in the US through most of February hanging out with Chris Gholson, during my stay Chris and I moved through a pretty large part of Arizona's gold country filming a new series of videos which will be titled "Chris Gholson's Nugget Hunting Essentials". I've managed to finish the first one but Chris wants both of the first NHE videos to be completed before offering them up for sale, so here I am at 5:30am in the morning working like a mad thing trying to get the second one in the can ;)

Hopefully I'll have the second one finished pretty soon so I can head out bush and start taking advantage of the gold price (as well as work on this spare tyre I have around my stomach :lol: )


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Hello JP,

Don't worry about that spare tyre, I have one also! :( You would think with all the walking/hiking we do we would be super slim. I walk all day (work), prospect on the weekends and I'm still gaining weight. However, what can I expect when I eat fast food two times per day. :mellow: Damn, it's hard to eat right. :ph34r:

Take care,

Rob Allison

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