Which Wallaby?

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I am going to buy a Wallaby, but should I get a Mono or DD?

It will be used in Shasta and Trinity County in CA. in different areas. I believe the Wallaby Mono works in areas where other Monos have trouble?

I appreciate any input any of you may have.

I will also be getting a Joey DD.



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Hey Alan,

Ask Grubstake, what opoxy he used for his CT Platypus prototype coil, opoxed bottom of coil, since coil covers do not fit the proto... I think that would work on that Joey coil, better than silicone...

Good luck,


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I always used Shoe-goo it seems to work really well for me. holds up to water and rocks. You can pick it up at any sports store and I have even seen a version of it in Home depot. Good luck


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  • Admin

Hello Eodseal2000,

I would suggest the Wallaby Mono if the mineralization is moderate. With the Wallaby Mono you will find smaller and deeper gold over the Wallaby DD Pro. The Wallaby DD Pro is my favorite "Prospecting" coil when I don't know where I might end up or what type of mineralization might be present.

The Wallaby Mono is a normal Mono Searhcoil, so it won't be any more sensitive than another Mono coil.

The Coiltek Joey Mono and DD Pro are both deadly on small gold. I prefer the DD Pro Joey in heavy mineralized areas and the Joey Mono in areas where I hunt a lot of exposed bedrock and low-to-moderate mineralization.

Both of those coils are great choices.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Dear eodseal2000;

OK, I'm going to try and explain a phenomenom that I've noticed recently so please bear with me. I use the Wallaby DD Pro extensively and I love it! I also swing a CTK 18" mono that I really like also. I've noticed that the Wallaby DD Pro seems to have a depth "cut off", that is, most targets are either there or they aren't. With the mono coil, it appears that the deeper the target is in the ground, the fainter the signal becomes, but with the Wallaby DD Pro this isn't nearly as true. The target signal remains brighter and fuller for almost the entire depth range with the Wallaby DD Pro, until it no longer exists. This seems to be true throughout it's entire depth range. There is a noticeable signal fade using the Wallaby DD Pro only with the last 1" or so of depth. This is why the Wallaby DD Pro has become my favorite coil. The mono finds 'em deeper, but you REALLY need to listen HARD to be able to distinguish those faint nuggies from the background hum. I consider the Wallaby DD Pro to be more of a beginners coil and the monos are coils for more advanced prospecting. IMHO, if you are new at the nugget hunting game or unsure of the mineralization, then the Wallaby DD Pro is a very difficult coil to beat.

Your friend;


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